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Chexsystems Removal

How to Dispute Chexsystems

Your ChexSystems record can only stay on file for five years, unless the bank that filed the report requests its removal or ChexSystems becomes obligated to remove it under applicable law.You can order a copy of your Chexsystem report online or by Phone. Chexsystems Dispute

Chexsystems Phone: 800-428-9623 chexsystems removal

You should receive your Chexsystems report within 1-2 weeks and the report will list of any of your old banks that reported your accounts overdrawn. The bank might also claim to suspect you of fraud or suspicious activity which might simply mean a couple of your deposited checks never actually cleared.It’s also possible that you once had a negative account balance and later paid it off but the bank never followed up with Chexsystems to clear your name.

Even if you have never bounced a check you might have a negative ChexSystems record. If you were ever issued insufficient funds fees for purchases made with a bank check card, your bank may have reported you to Chexsystems. This is the sort of negative information you can dispute.Chexsystems will ask you to give an explanation of the bank’s claim and mail it back to them. If you settle your accounts with the bank you might need to show proof, though the bank can also send a request to have you removed from Chexsystems. What is Checks System checking account no credit check


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