Discover Bank: Rated 4th In the World For Quality

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Discover Bank was the only U.S.-based bank to receive top ratings by Lafferty Bank Quality Ratings (LBQR) in a recent report.

Discover Bank: Ranked #4 Globally

Discover Bank received an impressive fourth place ranking, for quality and excellence in banking. Discover was one of 100 global banks that the Lafferty Group evaluated in its recent LBQR report. One hundred major world banks from 28 countries were included in the report, with the majority of banks receiving a rating of two or three stars. Discover, however, receiving four out of five stars.

The Lafferty Bank Quality Ratings reports take a unique approach, using the annual reports from the banks to consider both quantitative and qualitative aspects of the bank and its performance.

In response to the LBQR report, the CEO of Discover, David Nelms, said, “Receiving a top rating for quality is gratifying to us given the emphasis that we place on it at Discover… We are focused on being a leading direct bank and payments partner and believe that if we serve our customers well, then our shareholders will benefit too.”

We here at have been singing the praises of Discover Bank for years now. We are happy to see Discover receiving some of the recognition it deserves for its excellent service and product offerings, including Discover checking and savings accounts.

Discover Bank Savings Accounts

Currently, Discover Bank is offering some of the highest interest rates available on online savings accounts, more than 5x the national average. Discover savings accounts are currently paying 1.30% on all balances. Compare that to major banks like Chase, Citibank and Bank of America that are paying 0.01%. Discover Bank savings accounts also do not charge any fees for monthly maintenance, maintaining a minimum balance, incoming wire transfers, and more. Where fees are charged, they are significantly less than other major banks. A Discover savings account allows you to keep more of your money and earn more on your money.

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