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Secured Credit Card – Credit Repair Hack


If you really need to improve your credit score in a matter of months, not years, there’s an effective technique that doesn’t cost you any money to implement. In other words, you can avoid paying a credit repair company to “repair” your credit, as they often get mixed results and often have a hefty price tag. There are techniques right at your fingertips that are very easy to execute and cheap (sometimes literally free). So, here’s the deal.

There is a type of credit card called a secured credit card (see the Applied Bank Gold Visa and the Unity Visa below). As the name alludes to, the card is secured by a deposit, say $400 (don’t have $400? Don’t worry, the security amount can be much lower…it depends on what you’re comfortable with). The security deposit amount serves as your credit limit (and is completely refundable when you close the account). It essentially works just like a typical, unsecured credit card, with the exception that the credit card issuer has a security deposit as additional protection and there is NO CREDIT CHECK with a secured credit card.

To build credit using the secured card, you should use as small a portion of your available credit as possible, every month, because a low rolling credit utilization rate will help your credit score. Why is this important? For several reasons. First, credit utilization, which is the measure of how much debt you’re carrying versus how much credit you’ve been extended, accounts for 30% of most major credit scores. YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT…30%! To put that into perspective, payment history (whether you pay your bills on time, or at all), a metric almost everyone is familiar with as THE major credit score factor, accounts for 35% of your credit score. In other words, using a secured card correctly can have a major impact on improving your score.  And again, you can start seeing positive results within 6 months.

“The score doesn’t look at a secured card any differently than an unsecured card,” said Barry Paperno, a credit score expert who has worked with FICO and Experian. “It will look at the fact it’s a credit card, when the card was opened, the credit limit and the balance, and of course the payment history. In that way it will help establish credit just like an unsecured card.” For example, let’s say you open a secured card with a $500 security deposit. If you can spend less than $50 a month on that card, or a 10% utilization rate, and pay that card off monthly, you will be exhibiting a both a low credit utilization rate and simultaneously improving your payment history. Wow, right?!

So, here’s your chance to take 5 minutes and open up one of these cards. It’s a simple application process. I’ve posted a couple cards above and below this article. I think both are awesome choices. Feel free to look into these, they’re the best ones I could find. And if you’re hell bent on hiring someone to help you, which I understand if that makes you comfortable, here’s a link for Lexington Law, a company that has a good track record of helping people repair their credit. BUT AGAIN, have some faith in yourself because you CAN do this by yourself. What have you got to lose?

Click on either card below to begin your path to repaired credi


APPLIED Bank Secured Visa Gold Preferred Credit Card

Secured Card Applied Bank Gold

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR) – 9.99% (fixed)
  • Annual Fee – $48
  • One-Time Fees – None
  • Monthly Fee – None
  • Activate Today with $200 Minimum Deposit – Maximum $1,000.
  • Increase Your Credit Limit Up to $5,000 by Adding Additional Deposits Anytime
  • No Minimum Credit Score
  • 5 Minute Online Application Process

Apply Now Orange Button


UNITY Visa Secured Credit Card

Secured Card Unity

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR) – 17.99% (fixed)
  • Annual Fee – $39
  • One-Time Fees – None
  • Monthly Fees – None
  • Balance Transfers Into APR – 9.95% for 6 months, 17.99% remainder
  • Activate Today with $250 Minimum Deposit – Maximum $10,000.
  • No Minimum Credit Score
  • 5 Minute Online Application Process

Apply Now Orange Button

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CIT Bank – Premier High Yield Savings Account

CIT Small Logo Second Chance Checking Account

CIT Bank’s Premier High Yield Savings Account allows you to build your savings at one of the highest interest rates available in the industry. Enjoy ultimate online banking convenience by managing your account from your smartphone or computer. This account does have balance tiers to determine the APY you earn, with the lower balance tier earns at a higher APY, while the upper balance tier still earns well above the national average. CIT Bank compounds interest daily to further maximize your earnings. Plus, there are no account opening or maintenance fees to worry about. Your money gets to grow without being disturbed by pesky fees. A $100 opening deposit is required to open an account.  Open your account today!

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Bad Credit Loans

Bad Credit Loans Personal Loans understands people run into financial trouble from time to time.  They are happy to deal with customers who have poor credit scores and to find them a personal loan that suits their needs.

As opposed to a PayDay Loan or Cash Advance Loan, which can charge interest rates of over 200% and require payment upon receipt of your next paycheck, BadCreditLoans will find you a personal loan with a reasonable interest rate and a much longer term or pay back period.

The approval process for bad credit loans is very straightforward. You must be a legal citizen and an adult (age 18 or older). Basic, required information for the transaction to take place includes a valid email address, working phone number, and the bank account where you’d like the money transferred.  It’s that easy.  Don’t have a bank account?  Visit our second chance banking page for more information on how to easily open a Discover Savings account online (even if you are on Chexsystems or Telecheck).

Combining a fast loan request form and approval process with a quick delivery system makes the only way to go.  Start the process today!

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Scottrade Bank Accounts And Features

Scottrade Bank:
Scottrade may be best known for its online trading services, but be sure not to overlook Scottrade’s online banking services as a compliment to the Scottrade trading platform.

Scottrade Bank Accounts

Scottrade Bank provides a variety of different bank account options, including no interest checking, interest checking, savings, money market, and certification of deposits (CDs). Scottrade bank accounts offer conveniences like free online bill pay, ATM/Debit cards, and more.

Pay No Fees With Scottrade Bank!

The fees charged by most major banks can add up quickly. Scottrade online banking boasts NO fees and NO monthly maintenance fees on any banking products, including checking, savings, and money market accounts. Scottrade also does not charge fees for domestic ATM usage, and will reimburse fees charged by most third party bank’s ATM machines.

Scottrade – Single Source Convenience

All you need is a single login to conveniently access all of Scottrade’s banking and brokerage services. Plus, you can link your Scottrade bank accounts to your brokerage account for very quick and easy access to your funds. This can be particularly convenient for doing time sensitive trades. Scottrade’s interest bearing bank accounts are an excellent place to park your money when it is not actively being traded. The overdraft protection feature on your Scottrade banking accounts can also be linked to your brokerage account, for additional peace of mind.

Mobile App Services

Scottrade bank provides a robust mobile app that allows you to conveniently manage your bank accounts while you are on the go. In addition to making transfers, deposits and withdrawals, the app features mobile check deposit options for maximum convenience.

All of the Scottrade online bank account options provide the features we’ve outlined in this article, and more. Learn more about Scottrade online banking options, and start saving on your banking today.

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Discover Bank: Rated 4th In the World For Quality

Discover Bank AccountDiscover Bank CashBack Checking Account - Save up to $120 a year

Discover Bank was the only U.S.-based bank to receive top ratings by Lafferty Bank Quality Ratings (LBQR) in a recent report.

Discover Bank: Ranked #4 Globally

Discover Bank received an impressive fourth place ranking, for quality and excellence in banking. Discover was one of 100 global banks that the Lafferty Group evaluated in its recent LBQR report. One hundred major world banks from 28 countries were included in the report, with the majority of banks receiving a rating of two or three stars. Discover, however, receiving four out of five stars.

The Lafferty Bank Quality Ratings reports take a unique approach, using the annual reports from the banks to consider both quantitative and qualitative aspects of the bank and its performance.

In response to the LBQR report, the CEO of Discover, David Nelms, said, “Receiving a top rating for quality is gratifying to us given the emphasis that we place on it at Discover… We are focused on being a leading direct bank and payments partner and believe that if we serve our customers well, then our shareholders will benefit too.”

We here at have been singing the praises of Discover Bank for years now. We are happy to see Discover receiving some of the recognition it deserves for its excellent service and product offerings, including Discover checking and savings accounts.

Discover Bank Savings Accounts

Currently, Discover Bank is offering some of the highest interest rates available on online savings accounts, more than 5x the national average. Discover savings accounts are currently paying 1.30% on all balances. Compare that to major banks like Chase, Citibank and Bank of America that are paying 0.01%. Discover Bank savings accounts also do not charge any fees for monthly maintenance, maintaining a minimum balance, incoming wire transfers, and more. Where fees are charged, they are significantly less than other major banks. A Discover savings account allows you to keep more of your money and earn more on your money.

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USAA Bank Checking

usaa checking

Free USAA Secure Checking

  • No monthly service fees
  • Use any ATM nationwide for free
  • Bank anywhere with free mobile apps
  • Make deposits anywhere just by taking a picture of the check with our free app (for eligible members). Or, deposit checks at select locations of The UPS Store®. And our deposit-taking ATMs let you manage cash or check deposits.
  • Once you open a free Checking Account, you can open a USAA Secured Card® American Express® Card.
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